ASOS ‘Hurricane’ high heel sandals with feather detail

ASOS Hurricane sandals

ASOS ‘Hurricane’, £45

Normally, I’d think shoes with feathers on the front belonged purely to the world of glamorous bedroom slippers. Somehow, though, I find these ASOS sandals rather charming. Despite the neural colour, I suspect they’d be a little tricky to wear (What DO you wear with fluffy-fronted shoes, after all?), but they remind me of something Carrie Bradshaw might have worn, and that’s usually a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

If you can get past the fluff factor, these have a nice, simple shape, which falls firmly into the “barely there” category. The cone-shaped heel will help give stability to the height, and the feather trim adds a giant dose of glamour.

Although I’m STILL not sure exactly how I’d wear these, even after staring at them for the past five minutes, the more I look at them, the more willing I am to give it a try. What do you think: would you wear these? What would you wear with them?

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  • I love them. I do have them as bedroom slippers, but the mule style is a bit Doreen from Birds of a Feather (no pun intended). I could definitely see them with an a-line dress, not black, green maybe? Yellows? Metallics even?

    I’m going to order them.

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