Office ‘Serpent’ platform peep toes with studded heels

Office 'Serpent' platform peep toes with studded heels

Office ‘Serpent’ platform peep toes, £75

How do you turn a platform peep toe from the kind of shoe you wear all the time, but never give much thought to, to the the kind of shoe you just can’t walk past if you see it on display?

Easy: add a statement colour to the upper!

That’s why the bright yellow version of these shoes instantly jumped out at me: they’re the kind of colour that just screams “look at me!” and when a shoe is that desperate for attention, well, it would be a shame to ignore it, wouldn’t it? The teal and wine versions are less bold, but still great colours in their own right, and I have to applaud Office for creating this shoe in three fairly unusual shades, rather than simply going for the standard black, nude and red (as much as I love them).

P.S. It’s worth taking a look at these on the Office website, so you can see the 360 degree view – it’s the only way you can see the fabulous studded heel!

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  • Mustard yellow is a color that has always screamed “fall” to me. Every August I find myself lusting after mustard colored pieces. I just bought a great pair of t-strap Mary Janes (Mary Janes are another shoe style that always seemed fall-like to me, maybe a residual from getting new shoes every September?). I also got a couple other pieces and yet I’m still lusting after those peep-toes!

  • I still have no mustard coloured shoes in my collection. This is a massive oversight, obviously. I like these very much.

  • I’m so in love with the mustard yellow version. Unfortunately it’s not available in my size (4) any more. Does anyone knows if there is a change that they will be available later this month?

  • I love the texture/pattern, too. It adds a bit of interest and seems to make them a bit more sophisticated/serious than many statement heels.

  • Tried these on today and LOVE them, my fella was immediately briefed on size and colour preference just in case he fancies surprising me any time soon (I wont hold my breath!) I was instantly drawn to the teal, being one of my favourite colours, but the wine colour is actually really lovely, I was more taken with it than I thought I’d be.

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