Valentine’s Shoe Selection at Sarenza

Valentine's shoes

I’ve featured so many pairs of heart-print shoes (not to mention red or pink shoes) here recently that I figured a Valentine’s roundup post would be a little redundant. I’ve given the love-heart shoes their own (temporary_ section on the homepage to make up for it, but if you’re still looking for some V-Day inspiration, you should also check out Sarenza’s special Valentine’s Shop, where they’re currently paying homage to the great loves of our lives – shoes, of course!

Now, I have to admit here that I’ve never really been much of a one for “themed”dressing: I don’t wear red/pink/heart-print just because it’s Valentine’s day, for instance, although I won’t avoid wearing those colours/prints either, if that’s what I feel like. And honestly, most of the time, that’s EXACTLY what I feel like: luckily for me, the types of styles normally associated with Valentine’s day are ones I like anyway, so there’s plenty of shoes here to keep me happy, both on February 14th and beyond. Here are some of my favourites:

pink peep toes

Studio TMLs ‘Louanne’, £90

I have these shoes in black suede, and have been considering adding a couple of the other available colours to my collection too. They may be fairly plain (Although I’m not sure “plain” is a word you can really use to describe a pair of hot pink peep toes!), but the shape is absolutely perfect, and the slightly lower-than-average heel makes them the perfect walking height, too.

red heart shoes

Emma Go ‘Millie Heart’, £120

A pair of heart shoes I HAVEN’T shown you yet?! They do exist, apparently, and trust me, I’m as surprised as you are that I’ve so far neglected to show you these little red flats by Emma Go, which have a studded heart on the toe. I’m rectifying that now, though, and if you’re not keen on red, you’ll be pleased to know that these also come in black. If you DO like red, however…

Vivienne Westwood Skyscraper 2

Vivienne Westwood x Melissa ‘Skyscraper 2’, £210

Well, it really doesn’t get much redder – or more glittery – than these Vivienne Westwood x Melissa ‘Skyscraper 2’ pumps, does it? This style has been around for a while, and although I haven’t tried them personally, I have nothing but praise for the very similar ‘Raspberry’ shoes by Mel (which are also perfect for Valentine’s day, thanks to the hearts on the front), so if you like your shoes to look like they’ve just returned from Oz, these could be worth a shot.



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