Zara pink patent t-bar high heels

Zara pale pink t-bar shoes

Zara pink patent t-bars

Zara pink patent t-bar shoes, £59.99

Every season, Zara manages to release at least one pair of shoes that proves to be super-popular, selling out everywhere, and then showing up on eBay for at least twice the retail price. Well, this season (or rather, NEXT season: I keep forgetting it’s STILL not spring!) I have a feeling these pale pink t-bars might be that shoe.

Yes, pink is going to continue to be unavoidable this spring/summer, and I’m not just talking about here at ShoeperWoman either: the candy shade is showing up everywhere, and on everything too – shoes, coats, bags, you name it. No complaints from me on that score: I’m still really enjoying the trend for all things pastels, but I have to admit, it’s nice to see this shade on to something other than the classic pointed-toed pump for a change. These shoes still have that pointed toe, but this time it’s attached to a t-strap upper, finished with a chunky, rounded heel. The heels are the most unusual feature of these shoes (Which is probably why Zara decided to provide the second of the two photos on this page), and at a time where most heels are either stilettos or flatforms (does a flatform even count as a heel?) they really stood out to me as I browsed the Zara website.

So, what to wear with these?

what to wear with Zara's pink patent t-bars

What to wear with Zara’s pink patent t-bar shoes:

bag // skirt // cami // bracelet // cardigan // sunglasses

My favourite way to wear pink at the moment is with EVEN MORE PINK, but that might’ve been a little bit too much with these, so I’ve toned it down a little with some white, gold and beige. Oh, and pink, of course. Well, a leopard doesn’t change its spots quite THAT easily, now does it?


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