How to Wear a Tulle Skirt for Daytime

How to Wear a Tulle Skirt for Daytime

I featured this tulle skirt from Zara in one of my ‘Friday Favourites’ posts lately, and it’s been on my shopping radar ever since.

The problem with a skirt like this, however, is that… actually, there are two pretty obvious issues here, aren’t there?

  1. It’s tulle.
  2. It’s SPARKLY tulle.

Now, I don’t know about you, but where I’m from a sparkly tulle skirt is the kind of thing that’s really only seen on little girls. If you MUST wear one, I guess it might be acceptable as eveningwear, but that’s an issue for me, too: I hardly ever go to fancy evening occasions, which means I really don’t need an evening-wear wardrobe – and I also hate the idea of buying something and then just leaving it hanging in the closet, unworn.

Well, luckily for me, I firmly believe that “evening” clothes can totally work as daywear. Here’s how I’d wear this tulle skirt, for instance:

how to wear a tulle skirt for daytimePINK SWEATER

Because if you’re going to go glittery, you might as well do it right, huh? I mean, you COULD really try to dress this skirt down, by pairing it with something much more obviously ‘daywear’, but as soon as I laid eyes on it, I though the two would be perfect together, so I just couldn’t resist the pairing.


Again, these are probably a little dressier than you might expect, given that the purpose of this outfit is to effectively dress down the skirt, but, again, they’ll work really well with it, so I’m leaving all of the “dressing down” to my last two secret weapons, namely…


I’ve always found opaque tights a really easy way to dress down an outfit: they’re not quite ‘casual’, exactly, but they do make a skirt like this look a helluva lot more wearable than might otherwise be the case. As for the scarf, not only will it keep you warm, it’ll also make the sparkly sweater seem a little less dressy – and hey, if you want to go for the opposite effect, it’s easy enough to remove!

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