Yay or Nay? Fringe hem jeans

black fringe hem jeans with leopard print shoes

Fringe hem jeans started popping up all over the place earlier this year, and as we head into autumn, it seems the trend is set to continue.

I have to admit, I’m pretty confused by this one. When I was shopping for jeans a few months ago, I started to wonder if I was EVER going to find a pair with regular hems on: which I realise makes me sound like a total fuddy duddy, but, well, I guess I maybe AM.

These particular jeans are from Topshop, and the degree of fringing is actually significantly less than some I’ve seen – so, surprising though it may sound, this is the subtle version of the trend you’re looking at right now. Fringe hem jeans are not, however, to be confused with frayed or raw hem jeans, which look like this:

let down hem jeans

These are also from Topshop, and at first glance they might look like a regular old pair of skinny jeans. Look a little closer, however, and you’ll see the let-down hems, complete with fraying at the bottom, for that “my jeans were too short, so I had to let down the hem look”. Again, while I like these way more than the first pair of jeans on this page, I’m still not a huge fan (and I really hate it when I find what I think is going to be the perfect pair of jeans, only to zoom in to the product shot and realise the hems are unfinished!), I’m still not a huge fan: the “too short jeans” feel is just too literal for my taste, and when I see jeans like this, my first thought isn’t that they’re stylish or even fashionable -it’s that they’re too short for the person wearing them.

Of course, that’s just my opinion, and I’m well aware that I’m not exactly part of Topshop’s target demographic here, so over to you: do you vote YAY or NAY to fringe hem jeans?



  • My jeans were actually to short so I had to let them down so now I must be wearing something fashionable for once.

  • To me these look like one of those old fringed lampshades, if the shade had seen so much use that it had gone all matted.

  • No, no and no. I’m tall and I have spent my whole life trying to avoid the jeans to short look. Why would I do it on purpose?

  • No no no no no. I completely agree with you. Sometimes fashion trends really need to disappear, you know. Especially flared flood pants – because that’s what they look like. They are the worst. They just look stupid, on everyone, regardless of whether you’re tall, short, heavy, skinny – it doesn’t matter – they just look ridiculous. I’m hoping that [soon, please] when the trend has passed, everyone will be talking about how stupid they looked and how gullible people were to jump on the bandwagon. I’m also hoping that stylish women will eschew the trend to expedite its demise.

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