Formspring Thursday: Shoe addiction, tall girls in heels and more

Some recent questions from Formspring

Q: What does Terry think of your ‘shoe addiction’?

I don’t think he really understands it, because he’s not interested in shoes himself, but Terry’s happy as long as I’m happy – and as long as I’m not getting into debt or spending our savings on them, obviously!

Q: Do you know of any website that allows you to design your own boots?
I’m afraid not – I know lets you design your own shoes, but I don’t know of any similar sites for boots [edit: a few days after I answered this question, I had an email from a company called Selve: their service is “semi-bespoke” – i.e. you can choose different colours, materials etc for your shoes, but you can’t design your own from scratch. They do include boots, though, so while the prices are on the expensive side (think £500 for  a pair of knee boots) they could be worth checking out.]

Q: What camera do you use to take your shoe shots? AND Do you often take them yourself with a timer/tripod or does Shoeperman help? x
I have a Nikon D5000. The indoor shots and some of the outside ones are taken by me with a tripod and remote control, and Terry takes the rest!

Q: Hi, what coat/jacket do you usually wear when out walking Rubin? I’m asking because I walk alot (twice a day) with my twin babies come rain or shine! i currently wear a berghaus rain jacket which is practical but just not stylish!
Hmm, I don’t actually have a special coat for walking him – it’s really just whatever coat or jacket goes with what I’m wearing at the time!

Q: What was your first blog?
My first “proper” blog was – I’d been blogging for a long time before that, though, on livejournal, and on a free Angelfire site, although we didn’t call it “blogging” then!

Q: How long did it take you to build up a following on your blogs and what did you do to try to maximise it?
I think The Fashion Police took about two years to build a following: the other sites were much quicker than that because they were able to benefit from the following The Fashion Police had by that point: many of its readers also started to read Shoeperwoman, for instance, when it launched.

I don’t really remember doing anything specific to build readership. I think I was pretty lucky in that I was freelancing for quite a few of the Shiny Media blogs at the time I launched The Fashion Police, and so people got to know me through that. Shiny were also kind enough to allow their writers to link back to their own sites from some articles, so that helped a lot

Q: What do you think of tall girls wearing heels? I think it looks fine but my friends disagree
I love seeing tall girls in heels – if anything, it shows that they’re obviously comfortable with their height, and I think people who are happy and comfortable with themselves almost always look good. So, yes, I think it looks absolutely fine!


  • I think the snag with the customised boots is that what we *really* want is bespoke. In fact, I want to be able to draw the footwear of my choice, upload it and let someone turn my footwear dream into reality!

  • I have always been of the opinion that tall girls look better in super high heels. When short girls wear really high heels it just looks like they are over compensating, whereas tall girls have better proportions for heels.

  • Great answer about tall girls in heels. I’m 6ft and don’t see why I shouldn’t wear heels just like everyone else. The fact is that heels make you walk more elegently and straighter, which makes you look better when you are taller anyway. Flat shoes can make you look like you’re height concious.

  • There should be no shoe discrimination! Every person, whatever their height, should be allowed to wear whichever shoes they like. Oh, except Uggs. And crocs.

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