Shoeperwoman to the Rescue: Find me cute rain boots!


Maya writes…

“Hi Shoeperwoman,
The weather is warming up and I’m enjoying the flip-flops and strappy heels. However, I feel choked by impending doom: Next year, I’ll be attending university and a friend of mine has alerted me that I will need rain boots. Rain boots, truthfully, terrify me. They’re horribly unflattering and come in all sorts of gaudy patterns and designs. Simply: Yuck. Are there any cute rainboots in the world?


Well, I only ever wear rain boots to work in the garden, and I try to avoid EVER having to work in the garden, so I have to admit, this isn’t a dilemma I’ve ever faced myself. Unless your university course involves being our for hours on end in the rain, I’d probably say ditch the rain boots altogether and go for regular, non-leather boots – “pleather” may not be everyone’s first choice of footwear fabric, but it can be surprisingly water-resistant, and if it’s just for walking to and from classes, a cheap pair of faux-leather boots could be more stylish than actual wellies. Ditto patent uppers. But rain boots are what Maya asked for, so rain boots are what I’m going to find!

Luckily for Maya, now is probably the best time of year to buy rubber boots because the upcoming round of summer festivals means that footwear manufacturers start churning out wellies in their hundreds. Maya didn’t mention what kind of budget she’s on, so let’s start with the most obvious – and expensive – option: Hunter boots.

These are the Jimmy Choos of the wellie world, and I mean that literally: the boots at the top of this post were actually designed by Hunter for Jimmy Choo, and as far as rain boots go, they’re about as un-gaudy as it gets, with a moc-croc upper you could basically wear the same way you’d wear any other pair of flat boots.  And if you don’t fancy joining the waiting list for the Choos (Yes, there is a waiting list. For wellies. I KNOW.), Hunter also do lots of different colours, all in this same, very inoffensive style, with not a garish print in sight. BUT  they’re not very exciting, so read on for some more…


Now, I know what you’re thinking: these are essentially high heeled Wellington boots, and that just HAS to be wrong. HAS to be. Hear me out, though: I don’t know about you, but my biggest problem with rain boots isn’t the fact that they’re usually brightly coloured (I actually think that if you’re going to wear rubber boots, you may as well throw caution to the wind and make them as bright as possible), but the fact that they’re usually clumpy and unflattering. Because these ones have a bit of a heel, they’ll flatter the leg, give you some height, and I think the shape is a little more elegant than the usual “wellie boot” shape. If rubber boots can ever be called “elegant”, obviously.

These are £35 from Additions Direct. (I don’t know where you’re based, Maya, but you should be able to find a similar style wherever you are.)


Modcloth’s ‘Raindrops on Roses’ boots. They’re $114.99, but they’re possibly the prettiest rain boots I’ve seen. Aren’t they an absolute scream?

And now for the bit where I turn this question over to our readers and see if they can come up with any other suggestions for you. So, what do you think, folks: can you suggest a cute pair of rain boots for Maya?


  • I think standard hunters in a bright color (if that’s your thing) can be cute if you pull them off with aplomb. I wear my basic green ones all the time in the winter when the snow has turned to slush, just with tights and a skirt and a sweater (with inspiration from Prada and numerous J Crew catalogues). Way better than the Uggs most girls settle for. Though, if you’re wearing them in the cold, I’d recommend fleece liners.

  • If you’re wanting rain boots that look like real boots, you could go with equestrian boots. They make rubber ones as a cheaper alternative to leather, and they’re slim, streamlined, meticulously sized, and very affordable.

    Here’s an example:

    But I would really recommend going to an equestrian store and trying them on, because they are generally VERY slim fitting, and if your calves are even remotely un-skinny, you’ll probably need a wide fit.

    • oh, that’s a great idea, and I’m embarrased I didn’t think of it myself – I actually have a pair of rubber riding boots leftover from my horseriding days, and I’ve worn them occasionally for walks in the country when it’s raining. Over skinny jeans or something they don’t look much different from normal boots, but they’re waterproof!

  • I love,love,love my hunter wellies! I really want the jimmy choo ones but there are so bloody expensive!!!

  • AHH!! Thank you! I totally never expected an answer to this >.< But I’m so glad I got one. I’m going to see how much money I can get together and HOPEFULLY spring for the Jimmy Choo Hunters, becuase they’re absolutely to die for. Thank you, Shoeperwoman!!

  • I love the wedge wellies too!!! i went to additions website, but couldnt fid them there, know of anywhere else that has them? cheers

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