Giuseppe Zanotti red suede bow platform pumps

red platform shoes with bow on heel

large red bow on heel of shoe

Giuseppe Zanotti red suede bow platform pumps, £553

Sorry for the low-quality photos, folks: the original images of these shoes were very low-res, and I couldn’t find better ones, so they probably look pretty blurry to you. I’m hoping the shoes themselves will distract you from the images, though, because just look at those heels!

That amazing, oversized bow at the top the stiletto heel isn’t just distracting me from the blurry images here, it’s also doing a lot to distract me from the front of the shoe, which is just too darn big for my taste, with an almost 2″ platform to balance out the 6.5″ heel. If they had a more streamlined shape I’d definitely be calling these Kryptonite: as it is, they just miss out on that particular title, but only just – and I bet if I were to see them actually being worn, I’d probably change my mind!

I love the lipstick red uppers on these, but the combination of bright colour and giant bow is too much for you, these also come in black.

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  • I hate the platform which saddens me greatly, because without it I’d be all over these shoes (in every way but literally, platform or not I do not have $850 to spend on shoes). I’m especially in love with the bow. At this point I think we can all agree that we’ve seen a lot of bows on the back of shoes, but this one is different in that it is so…peppy is the word that comes to mind.

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