Christian Louboutin ‘Paola’ lace ankle boots


Far be it for me to criticise The Maestro, but I’m just not really feeling these lace ankle boots by Christian Louboutin. At first I thought the lace uppers were less delicate than they actually look, with a flesh-coloured backing on them, but when you view them in close-up, it becomes clear that these really are made from semi-transparent lace:


Presumably they’re meant to be worn as evening wear – I don’t think those lace uppers would be very practical in the type of weather I Usually wear ankle boots in – but I probably wouldn’t wear them then either, so my £735 is reasonably safe. With that said, I’d need to see what they look like on a foot to make a proper judgement on them: who knows, they could be stunning! What do you think?

BUY: Christian Louboutin Paola lace ankle boots, £735


  • I like them, but considering the state my black leather ankle boots are in, I think I’d damage them pretty quickly. They look stunning, though. Sigh…

  • The lace could have been a nicer pattern I think; this particular one looks more like a crocodile skin effect (which is also ok, but not quiet the lace that is claimed, eh?)

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