Bakers’ ‘Melanie’ lace-up over-the-knee boots: an alterative to Christian Louboutin’s Ronfifi Alta 100

Remember Christian Louboutin’s Ronfifi Alta 100 boots?

(It’s OK, I’ll wait here while you go and have another look at them…)

As you can see from the image above, Bakers’ ‘Melanie’ is but a pale imitation of the wonder of the Ronfifi, but at $99, it’s possibly as close as some of us are going to get, and as you’ll see from the Bakers website, these seem to look much better on than they do in these product shots.

Black would be the obvious choice here, of course, but I must admit, it’s the purple pair that drew me in, and I think they could be a nice, unexpected choice to wear with a black dress. Want to try them out? You can click here to buy yourself a pair, but remember to come back and tell me what they’re like in person!


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