Formspring Thursday: Your shoe questions answered!

Asked me a question on Formspring? Well, here are the answers!

 Q: What’s your opinion on toes that ‘hang ten’ over summer sandals/peep toes? I’ve been noticing it a lot (on other people) this summer and I think it looks pretty bad. Why do you think it happens?

“Hang ten!” I’ve never heard that expression before – I love it! (The expression, I mean, not the look – I agree that it doesn’t look great.)

I think it happens either with poorly fitting shoes, or sometimes with strappy sandals which don’t do enough to hold the foot in place, and allow it to slip forward. An easy way to fix it would be to use something like Foot Petals, or some other kind of insole, to give the foot a bit more traction and stop it slipping forward.

Q: What size shoes do u wear?

In most shoes I wear a UK size 4 (European 37), although I have some size 3s and some size 5s – either my feet keep changing size, or shoe-sizing is becoming more random! In the US, about a 6.5 usually.

When trying on shoes, do you go barefoot or do you find it “icky” putting your feet where dozens of other people have?

I find it a bit icky (contrary to what some of the foot fetishists who write to me seem to think, I’m not all that keen on feet!), but I just try not to think about it. Most shoe shops have sets of those little pop socks which you can borrow, though, although I’m not sure those are much better than shoes other people have been trying on, so if I’m shopping specifically for shoes, I’ll sometimes stick a pair of my own into my bag.

I really love your blog! But could you explain how you actually earn money from it?

I earn money from running adverts on the site, which we get paid for.

Any tips for wearing heels for a girl who walks (almost) everywhere? I have stacks of pretty shoes and never wear them for fear of blisters or ruining them. I always tend to catch a heel in a grate or between cobblestones and scratch them (or worse).

I posted some tips on avoiding blisters here, but they’re really caused by ill-fitting shoes rather than by the height of the heel, so if the shoes fit properly, you shouldn’t get blisters.

As far as ruining stiletto heels go, you can buy heel stoppers to go on the end of the heels while you’re walking – they stop them slipping between cracks in pavements, sinking into gaps etc, although they do look a little odd! My only other tip there is to find a good cobbler who can nurse the heels back to life.

The other option, of course, is a high wedge heel – much more comfortable to wear and less chance of damage!

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