Shoeperwoman to the Rescue! Red Mary Janes in Australia

From Formspring:

Q: Where can I find a decently priced pair of red mary-jane type shoes? I live in Australia but am not adverse to online shopping. Also, I am not a fan of the platform or the super-high stiletto- probably why I am having such trouble finding these shoes!

I have to confess, I had a lot of problems with this myself, because I know next to nothing about Australian-based stores and websites, which is why I’m hoping some of my Aussie readers will come to my rescue here!

At the moment, the trend does tend to be for high platforms and heels, so Mary Janes without those are a little thin on the ground, too. I did manage to find these Carvela Mary Janes at, which ships to Australia: they’re down to £40, and most sizes still seem to be available. The heel is about 3.3″, which isn’t overly high, although obviously that’s a matter of opinion!

Another option I thought of was to try some of the US-based departments stores: I know both Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom ship internationally, although Neiman’s doesn’t tend to be exactly “reasonably priced” and Nordstrom isn’t carrying any red Mary Janes that fit the bill at the moment (or not that I found, anyway): it could be worth keeping an eye on the site, though.

Anyone else got any suggestions? Spotted any red Mary Janes, either in Australia, or available to ship there? Do tell…


  • I don’t suppose you’ve seen the blue/black version shipping to Germany? My friend wanted to buy them when she was in London last year but they weren’t in her size.

    • I haven’t, I’m afraid – ASOS just seem to have them in red and I think Kurt Geiger only ships within the UK… I wish stores would ALL just ship everywhere, it would make life so much easier! (Well, it would make shopping so much easier, at least…)

  • I’ve been looking up shoe sites and can’t find any red mary janes but she should try Diana Ferrari, Tony Bianco, Wittner or any of those sorts of shoe stores. I have red patent Steve Madden mary janes but I think they’re a couple of years old now.

  • Oh, thank you so much for attempting to solve my dilemma! I know, its such a difficult shoe to find, especially with the huge skyscrapers that are in vogue right now. I am loving the ASOS shoes though- they just might be perfect! The shipping is making me baulk though. But oh my gosh, that design your own website is fantastic- I can see that many many hours will now be wasted.
    Thanks to everyone who has helped out, in the meantime I guess I will just have to watch the stores like a hawk! And who knows, maybe a pair will turn up in a vintage shop?

    • You’re welcome – I just wish I’d been able to find some more for you, it definitely seems like more shoe stores need to start shipping to Australia! I know what you mean about the shipping, too… There’s a US-based store I buy from occassionally and as well as the shipping I always get stung with a customs charge too, which is another downside of buying from overseas 🙁

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