Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin Estandono Patent Bow Booties

Christian Louboutin Estandono

Christian Louboutin Estandono

Christian Louboutin Estandono, $1075

There are a lot of shoe trends that I’ve started off hating, and have ended up getting fully on board with, but I’m afraid to say that peep toe boots aren’t one of them. I know it’s horribly old-fashioned of me, but even although they’ve been around for years now, I STILL don’t like them. I’m not going to say I’ll NEVER like them, because, you know, famous last words and all that, but considering the type of weather we get here, I will say it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll never see me in a pair. I mean, I know this point has been made a thousand times already, but there really aren’t too many times when it’s cold enough for boots, but warm enough for them to be peep toe boots. And yes, I know you can always wear tights with them (and these boots are one of the few open-toed styles which I actually think would work with tights), but the thing is, you could ALSO just buy boots with proper, closed toes. Or is that just not edgy enough these days?

Anyway, I wouldn’t buy these boots, is what I’m saying. I would, however, wear them if they were to magically appear in front of me, because although they’re peep toes, they’re also fabulous. I really love patent leather ankle/shoe boots: I used to have a pair years ago, and I wore them every winter, until they literally fell apart, and man, I loved those boots. Even although they were completely plain, they were so much dressier than suede or matte leather boots that they made everything I wore them with look instantly smarter and more polished, and you gotta love that.

These booties aren’t completely plain: they have a mesh insert at the front, and a cute little bow, which almost makes them look like the footwear equivalent of a tuxedo jacket. They’re also sleek, and sexy and stylish and all of those other things that Christian Louboutin is famous for. And yes, they have peep toes. And, for me, they’d be better (or at least more practical) without them. I’m willing to overlook it just this once, though, and if you are too, you can head over to Bergdorf Goodman, and buy yourself a pair, for “just” $1,075.

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  • I think it’s obvious that the person who invented peep toe boots never lived in or visited Scotland. I’ve never been tempted to buy a pair and given I am usually tempted to buy almost any style of shoe I come across, that’s saying something.

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