Yves Saint Laurent ‘Poppy’ platform sandals

Yves Saint Laurent Poppy

I’m not sure what to make of these sandals. They can’t quite seem to make up their minds whether they want to be a pretty, vaugely nautical shoe, or an dramatic, flower-fronted sandal, so they’ve ended up as a bit of both.

The heel says… well, actually, it says “flag of France”, doesn’t it?

The front, meanwhile, shows us where this shoe got its name:

Now I’ve had the chance to think about it, I’ve decided I like these… but I’d like them even more – and would possibly even love them – if they had a plain, navy heel, to match the upper.

What do you think?

Yves Saint Laurent ‘Poppy’ sandals, £830: click here to buy them.


  • I think they are lovely. I will even swallow the massive platform. I can see them with a full-skirted white eyelet dress, in the French Riviera somewhere.

  • I think they are so sweet! BUt I was out for 4 days (and didn’t use the computer at all, total “detox”! 🙂 and then I come back and see changes! k, then I read the blog will still change and there will be a new challenge, and I am sooo looking forward to it!

  • LOVE these!

    They remind me of a Moschino collection about 10 years ago – the shop I worked in at the time sold black shoes with poppies on them.

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