Ted Baker Philesia High Heel Peep Toe Court

Ted Baker Philesia High Heel Peep Toe CourtOne of my favourite shoes of last year was Ted Baker’s ‘Keanah’: in fact, I liked them so much, I ended up with two pairs in different colours! This is the newer version of the style: it’s called Philesia, and it comes in the pale pink/lilac shown above, and an orangey-coral:

Ted Baker Philesia

Although these are very similar to the ‘Keanah’ shoes, they’re not the same, and, in my opinion, not quite as nice. The long ends to the ‘Keanah’ bow is missing on these, giving the bow a bit of an unfinished look, and  there’s also a rather unnecessary heel detail, which these could’ve done without:

Overall, I’d probably have liked these much better if I hadn’t seen the originals, but they are still very pretty, and great for special occasions (or just for everyday, which is how I wear my first pair!).

These are £100 at ASOS: click here to buy them.



  • These scream ‘bridesmaid’ to me. Not a fan of the satin upper, and the heel… I like the concept that they seem to be going for, but to me it looks like a wire or a cord got stuck to the heel while they were upholstering it, and it remained there.

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