Suede ‘Lottie’ knee boots by Hush Puppies

I feel like I should show you some more pairs of boots. We’ve now reached that time of year when my fellow UK shoe bloggers start to put up posts talking about how excited they are for winter, because it means they can wear coats and boots. And I always read those boots and think, “Seriously? Do you live in a different UK from me?” Because really, where I am, you could pretty much wear coats and boots all year round: it’s only my love of summer fashion and peep toes that stops me doing it.

So I’m afraid I can’t share in the “boots” excitement. Oh sure, there are some great boots out there, but most of them don’t really do it for me. And I much prefer the way most of my clothes look with shoes, so…  meh. I’m sad.

For a pair of boots to really catch my eye, then, there has to be something every special about them – like those spiked heels I showed you on the Brian Atwood thigh boots yesterday. Or like the beautiful blue suede on these Hush Puppies knee boots, say.

Now, Hush Puppies is a brand I am guilty of more or less ignoring. I know they have a reputation for quality and comfort, but they also tend to err on the side of “sensible”, so I must admit, I was surprised to find that they were the brand behind these boots. I mean, look at them: the bright colour, the button embellishments (I love buttons on boots), the little patent inserts: they’re just gorgeous. And if I really HAVE to submit to winter footwear, then I want it to be bright and cheerful. A bit like this:

It’s hard for me to decide which colour I like best, here, so I’m going to leave that up to you, and simply tell you that these are £83 and are available from Spartoo.


  • I just had these delivered yesterday, in blue (they were out of the red in my size or I’d be after those too!) and they are just as gorgeous in person! Can’t wait to wear them (yes, I could probably have worn them today, it’s not exactly warm here either) but I’m hanging on for September.

      • But that’s just it. I’m so bored with this ‘non-summer’ that I just want it to be Autumn already when at least it’s seasonally acceptable to wear fabulous boots!

          • Although, that said, there is a part of me looking forward to the end of summer, if only because it means I won’t have to spend all my spare time gardening! It’s the only good thing I can think of about winter!

  • I have never met a pair of boots I liked more than a standard pair of shoes – I will only put on boots if there is snow on the ground. So when I choose boots, I want them to be not only relatively nice (compared to other boots) but also waterproof. Suede boots just don’t work for me because if a day is dry enough for suede, it’s also dry enough for shoes and the shoes always win. (Also: high heeled boots have never found their way into my closet because if I’m going to sacrifice comfort, it will be for a pair of shoes!)

    • Haha it’s like you have read my mind Molly! I’m much the same – no snow, then it’s good enough for heels. In saying that, my city has just had the first dousing of snow for more than 40 years! So yesterday I finally pulled out the boots.

      And so true about suede, surely boots are for when it’s wet???

  • I totally understand what you said about the brand, I tend to ignore it too – but then you show these beautiful boots and I feel like “oh, I want the red ones!” Well, why not? OK, I’m waiting for red ones from New Look (that I saw in a magazine) and blue ones from Dorothy Perkins – I’m sure they’ll be available from September on…
    I did think you had some summer days up there… well, down here we had 4 days only, no joke. I tend to be OK with that, because in the end of the year I’ll be in such a hot place that having fall now is even nice to me!

  • Oh! I want the red ones! I want them so much!

    I really think Hush Puppies have been upping the stakes, stylewise, recently. Last summer there was a pair of retro red sandals that I was desperate for and couldn’t find my size anywhere – they would have been perfect for holiday as not only were they pretty, but due to the hushpuppyness they would have been comfy too!

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