Lex Shoether: Prada Bi-Color Suede Mary Jane Boots

You’ve probably seen these boots before. They got a lot of publicity when Prada released the leather version earlier this year, and I have to admit, I’m a bit horrified to see them now available in suede, too.

I hate boots like this. If you’re a reader of The Fashion Police, you’re probably already aware of my deep-seated aversion to boots-pretending-to-be-shoes, but these are particularly alarming to me given their resemblance to a prosthetic leg. I can’t help imagining what they’d look like lying on the floor when you’d come home and kicked them off: pretty frightening for the next person to walk into the room, that’s for sure.

Also: what if your legs aren’t exactly the same colour as the “flesh” part of the boot? Won’t that look even stranger?

For those of you who’ve managed to remain blissfully unaware of these boots up until now, here’s a quick reminder of what the leather version looked like:

I like the “shoe” part of the suede ones more, purely because of the higher heel and less clumpy shape, but at the same time, at least the leather finish looks a little bit like human skin, while the suede just… doesn’t. Unless you have slightly furry skin, in which case… yeah.

What do you think of these, folks? Do you need a pair of fake prosthetic legs in your life? Seriously? OK, up to you: they’re $1,400 at Saks, and you can click here to buy a pair.


  • Those boots seriously creep me out. Like you say – the idea of finding one lying around like a dismembered leg is horrible! Also – you wouldn’t be able to wear them with tights, or if your leg was a different colour (most people’s legs would be, too) and if you want to get the Mary Jane look, why not just wear Mary Janes?

  • Why….just, why? I don’t understand. If I want to wear shoes, I’ll wear shoes. If I want to wear boots, I would wear actual boots. Why on EARTH would you want to wear fake leg shoe boots?!

    Also, they genuinely make me feel quite nauseous – just looking at them. That can’t be good?!

  • These are for those poor, slender women who wish they had “cankles.” That’s it, they’re prosthetic cankles! As my calves already meld directly into my feet without evidence of finely turned ankles, I have no need of these.

  • EWWWW! Take them away! Who in the world invents something so horrible??!
    (On top of it all the suede one seems to have a bruise/rash/smudge of dirt on the upper “shin” that does look even less healthy…)

  • You know, I really loved Prada’s heels they debuted the last few fashion shows, but these are really freaky. Ugh. I couldn’t wear them. They would make my feet look HUGE. When I first saw these, I felt really weird. No ma’am, I dont like it!

  • I saw these on Net-a-Porter last week and just thought they’d put some very awful fake mannequin leg in the shoe. I didn’t realise they were horrible ugly boots until now. I might have nightmares about this.

  • eeew…it took me a full minute to realize that they were not legs after all, but part of the boot!!! Nope, definitely DO NOT need these in my life! but thanks for sharing anyways! haha

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