Shoe Kryptonite | Topshop ‘Betty’ burgundy knee boots

Topshop Betty Burgundy boots

Topshop Betty burgundy boots

Topshop ‘Betty’ burgundy boots, £125

I bookmarked the black version of these boots last week, thinking they were a nicely shaped, basic knee-boot, and that maybe I’d get round to featuring them here one day soon. Or maybe even buying them, if I ran out of full skirts and midi dresses, which are the things I NORMALLY rush to buy as soon as I get paid.

Then, yesterday morning, I logged onto the Topshop website, only to find this burgundy version new in stock, and WHAM! Just like that, I found myself facing a Shoe Boot Kryptonite situation. Uh-oh.

Not only are these Kryptonite, they’re the particularly lethal variety, too. Most of the footwear which triggers the Kryptonite radar is so extortionately priced that I would never seriously consider actually purchasing it: it’s strictly fantasy material. These, however, are £125, which is far from unreasonable for leather knee boots, and puts them into that oh-so-annoying price range whereby I COULD afford them… but only by sacrificing something else. A dilemma, indeed.

(This is one of the reasons I hate buying boots. Shoes, depending on the brand, can often be picked up for not TOO much money. Boots, on the other hand, are almost always an investment, so their acquisition has to be considered much more carefully, and generally comes at the expense of something else I’d had my heart set on.)

As I said, I liked these boots even before I realised they were released in this colour: they have that nice, simple shape, with just the right amount of slouch to make them work well over trousers/jeans/leggings or with skirts/dresses. The heel, meanwhile, is just high enough to add elegance, while still allowing you to walk easily in them, and the toe is nicely pointed. If I could change one thing, it would be the stitching around the foot, which I think cheapens them slightly (I’ve never been a fan of visible stitching on shoes), but I could live with that given the colour. Oh, that colour!

As regular readers may recall, I’ve been on the lookout for a pair of red knee boots for years now. It’s been a difficult search, because not only are red boots somewhat rare, when they do appear, they’re often such a bright red that they’d be very difficult to wear. This burgundy, however, could well be the answer, especially if the colour is the same in real life as it appears on my monitor: red enough to “pop”, but not SO red I’d feel like an ACTUAL superhero in them.

(I mean, I AM an actual superhero, obviously. I just don’t necessarily want to dress like one.)

The ‘To Buy or Not to Buy’ decision is one which could well be taken out of my hands if these sell out before I make my mind up, of course, but for now they’re still available in both burgundy and black, and you can find them at the Topshop website.

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