ASOS ‘Boa’ feather suede court shoes

Well, it looks like feathers are definitely the footwear trend of the season. This is the second pair of feathered heels I’ve shown you recently, but unlike the Manolo Blahnik’s I featured last week, I’m going to be a little more reserved in my appreciation of these ASOS court shoes, partly because I can’t help thinking that, from some angles, you could end up looking like you skewered a bird on your stiletto en route to the party.

I also worry about how well feathers will “weather”. Will they start to look bedraggled after a couple of wears? Would you have to wash them? What if they got caught in a sudden shower? All of these questions prevent me from reaching for my credit card and splashing out the required £100 on these, although, I must admit, there is something rather appealing about the idea of having wings on your heels. Just ask Hermes. (The Greek God, I mean. Not the luxury fashion brand.)

What do you think of these? If you love them, you can buy them at ASOS.


  • Even before reaching the end of the post, I thought of what you said about the Greek God. That was the first thought I had… these shoes, without the feather, look lovely. But with… not for me…

  • Crikey, no way Jóse! Looks like a damn fine pair of courts got caught up somehow in an avian fight, or came down with a baad case of ‘flu! Not for me chief, now where is that eyeball bleach!

  • I don’t know. Would I have to have a bird clean them with his beak when they got wet? It’s hard to find a bird who’d be willing to do that, in return for me not letting the cat eat him.

  • They look rather fetching in the photograph, however, i can imagine that “real life” wear would take its toll and they’ll look horrid after a few outings.Especially in English weather !

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