Shoeper Shopping: Primark, August 2012

primark shoes

Don’t be alarmed by the photo above, readers: I’m not actually suggesting you should deck your feet out in animal print platform shoe boots (the red ones are quite cute, though), I’m just showing you a small selection of what’s currently available at Primark, the store which seems to change its stock every few minutes.

I popped into my local store a couple of days ago: read on to see what I found (and please excuse the poor photography: the combination of artificial light inside the store, plus lots of nosey people hovering around watching me doesn’t make for the best photographs ever, especially given that I was armed only with an iPhone!)

Lots of glitter…

glitter shoes

These weren’t the only glitter-covered shoes in store, but they WERE the sparkiest: and about £12, too.

Lots of toecaps….

Primark flats

Primark toecap pumps

I know just about every shoe brand out there has been doing toecaps this season, but these pink and gold ones particularly reminded me of the ones Zara brought out earlier this year. Also pictured: my toe.

Inspired by Zara?

studded pumps

Those toecaps weren’t the only shoes to remind me of Zara’s last collection: these are pretty much dupes of the studded court shoes they released last season.

Pretty flats…

pink bow flats

I think this store has a pair of flats for pretty much every occasion at the moment, but these ones were my favourites. They were marked “wide fit”, but I didn’t try them on, so I can’t confirm how wide or otherwise they really were!

Pointed toes…

pointed toe court shoes

The pointed toe is most definitely back! I’ve slowly come around to the shape, but the fact that I can remember people wearing shoes like these back in 2004/5-ish puts me off the metallic version a little, as much as I normally love gold shoes! Maybe I’ll come round to that too, though?


platform shoes

I was quite taken with these black and white platforms, complete with bow on the toe.

And as for me…

red high heel shoes

I couldn’t resist buying a pair of these red pumps. I’ve been looking for a pair of very simple, non-platform pumps in this colour for ages now, without much luck. These were only £10 and, perhaps unsurprisingly, they’re not the best quality I’ve ever seen, but as my grandmother used to say, they’ll “serve a turn” until I find a better quality pair – and at least I won’t have to worry too much about ruining them!

(A quick note on sizing, for anyone who’s interested: I sized down in these, and have been noticing lately that a lot of Primark’s styles seem to run quite large. My regular size does fit, and I’d normally just have grabbed it, but I felt like the shoes would’ve been slipping off a bit at the heel, so I tried the size down: actually, there’s not a huge amount of difference between the size 3 and the size 4, but it was just enough to make the 3 feel that bit more secure on my foot. Anyone else noticed this with Primark?)

I didn’t take notes on the prices of all of these shoes, but they were all between £10 – £15 and most were about £12: cheaper shoes you will not find!


  • Oh to have a decent Primark, ours is the cruddiest one you’ve ever seen and I’m always jealous of other city’s shops!

  • I have the Gold glitter version of the red pumps, so comfy (I actually club in them) given that there is zero platform and a stiletto. I agree their sizes are generous but I have a wider-ish foot so my size is usually just right.

    BTW I honestly think that the best Primarks are the ones that are small and or run down, they’re the ones that will have stock where the bigger stores don’t…trying to find a size 5 in the Leeds CC store is like trying to find a needle in a haystack!

    • Really?? My local one never seems to have anything that I see others post about online. Although I do think they’ve got an over eager buyer who likes size 8 and 10 because sometimes something will look new in and it’s all teeny sizes! It used to have a fab bags section but they had a reshuffle and moved floors and now it’s rubbish!
      (It’s the Southampton store if anyone was wonderin’!)

  • Many pointy ones, but I am now a flat lover, can you believe that? I learned that in London, a friend walks looong distances, I couldn’t cope in my stilettos!
    So I loved the flat ones! Thanks for sharing, I’m now eager to go to a Primark – in some weeks I’ll be there again!

    • I’ve actually been wearing flats a lot more often too! We seem to have spent the summer doing a lot of activities that heels just weren’t practical for, so I’ve discovered a new appreciation for flats (and for low wedges – so comfortable, but with a little bit of height, too!)!

  • Oh my word Shoeperwoman! I bought the exact same red pumps as you did, and as I bought them I thought that you’d love them. Echoes of the Pigalles, don’t you think? But they are already scuffed on the heel after the first wear – be careful with them!

  • Oh dear. This confirms my Primark addiction. I already have the black and white peeptoes, and the red (plus the same style in black!) I just cant walk away from those prices, its a sickness. Also – I kinda want some leopard print ankle boots this year – does this make me crazy??

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