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pink shoes

My local branch of Topshop is small, with a tiny shoe section to match, so I generally head straight to the sale rack to see what’s on offer. This week, I found these two pairs of shoes, for £20 each. The gold pair are ones I’ve looked at on the Topshop website, but wasn’t too sure about, mostly because I remember there being lots of gold, pointed toed court shoes around maybe five or six years ago, and that memory makes them look a little dated to me now. I actually liked these much better in person, however: they have a great shape, a reasonably short toe (always important with a pointed shoe!), and as I’m always saying, gold does go with everything!

As with my trip to Debenhams, these are less expensive online than they are in-store: they were £20 here, but are down to £15 on the Topshop website, although with very limited stock available.

As for the second pair, well, what can I say about these? When I first spotted them, I thought I was in the wrong store for a moment: I feel like, if these were human, they’d be Dolly Parton, or someone very like her. That makes them very much NOT my taste: the baby pink, combined with mirrored heel and studded platform is all just a little much, but I did spend quite a long time looking at them, so take from that what you will.

I couldn’t find these online, but, again, they were £20 in store.

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