Mango satin peep toes with rhinestone platform

Mango satin peep toes

Mango satin peep toes, £44.99

I always forget that Mango sells shoes. I need to stop doing that, because not only do they sell shoes, they sell some really pretty shoes into the bargain. These satin peep toes wouldn’t sound like much on paper, but the beautiful colours really make them something special.

I think these would have worked just as well without the rhinestone embellishments on the platform, but their presence does help dress these up a little, and as rhinestone-studded shoes go, this is actually one of the more subtle versions of that particular trend, which is good news for those of you who’re starting to get a little bit of “sparkly shoe” fatigue.

Now for the best bit: these are actually from Mango’s outlet site, so you get to save a bit of money on them, too: I’m all for that!

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