Stelle by Buffalo black spiked court shoes

Studs! And spikes! They’re two of Shoeperwoman’s favourite, shoe-related things, and here they are, combined in one shoeper package from Buffalo.

I’m actually a little late to the party on these, because I’m finding them only now that they’ve made it to the sale section at Sarenza. They are still available in a few different sizes, though, so your luck could just be in, and if it is, I think these could make a great twist on the classic black pump. Because the studs and spikes are the same colour as the uppers, these are a little less “punk” than some of their spiked counterparts, and its really only when you see them up close that you realise they’re far from ordinary. This means they’d give a nice, unexpected twist to an office outfit, or classic dress.

Oh, you want to see what they look like from the side? Well, who am I to deny you?

These are £120: click here to buy them.


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