Shoe Shopping With Shoeperwoman: Vivienne Westwood Anglomaia/Melissa Peach Lady Dragon Shoes

lady-dragon-shoesSo, I ordered the Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes.

And the very next day, I sent them right back. I know, I still can’t quite believe it either. But quite apart from the fact that after my last little shopping excursion I’d vowed to buy no more shoes for the foreseeable future:

a) They were too big for me. (The size down was out of stock, and I could tell it would’ve been too small, anyway. Woe!)

b) In real life, the “peach” colour, which I’d hoped would be not too far off “nude”, was a lot more orangey than I was expecting it to be: it hasn’t really shown up properly in my photos either, but it was much more lurid than it looks here, and it made my feet look a really odd colour next to it. 

Now, I could have exchanged them for a different colour (I really like the baby blue, for instance), but for once in my life I decided to do the sensible thing and just send them back. One thing I will say, though: I ordered the shoes from My-Wardrobe and was really impressed with the service. I placed my order on Friday morning and the shoes were with me early on Monday, having been trackable all the way. When I had to return them, they were also collected from my door free of charge, so there was no trip to the post office – always a bonus. (I hate the post office with a fiery passion).

There are a couple more photos under the jump: I’m still gutted these didn’t work out – I still love the shape of them, and although I wasn’t sold on the plastic (it stunk to high heaven, and Shoeperman thought it looked very cheap and a bit cartoonish), if Anglomania were to ever make a version of these in leather, say, I’d be ALL OVER THEM…


This picture gives you a slightly better idea of the colour, although it’s still not 100% right. As you can see, they were too big for me anyway, unfortunately.


My-Wardrobe have a fabulous, free luxury packaging option, which makes you feel like you’re getting a gift. Even although  you’re totally not.

These are starting to sell out again in a lot of the sizes, but if you want to try your luck, you’ll find them here.


    • Oh, I love those red ones – they’re one of the other designs I’ve found hard to resist from this range!

      To be fair, *I* didn’t think the shoes looked cheap (although the smell of plastic was very overwhelming, and I guess that’s something I associate with “cheap” shoes), but my husband definitely did. He thought they were “hideous” anyway, but then he is a man – they don’t always speak fluent Shoe!

      • As you say, the style and shape of the ones you bought is gorgeous there is just something slightly ‘off’ about the colour. I worry about getting sweaty feet in them too, sorry thats really gross! Get the red ones, this shoe ban has gone on long enough!

  • i know this is terrible of me to say but the sling back of the shoe does bring to mind crocs just ever so slightly….i’m absolutely sure you made the right choice!

  • I can see what you mean about the colour – maybe if you were like uber tan or even black, it would look nice. And that’s the problem I have with slingbacks…they have to fit perfectly or else I’m falling out of them!

  • The one problem I find with plastic shoes, besides the smell, are blisters and sore feet. Because they’re plastic they rub easily and cover your feet in blisters.
    The red ones Kirsty posted are adorable and do tempt me though.

  • I tried these on at Browns and thought the exact same thing about the colour! Great to know I’m not the only one… the slingback also didn’t feel that secure, what with the plastic and the tendency to get all sweaty… was so disappointed. But glad to know it’s not just me having problems with these shoes..

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