Coast ‘Belle’ pale pink strappy evening sandals

Coast Belle sandals

Coast ‘Belle’ sandals, £65

The Coast website has become a really dangerous place for me to hang out lately. So many beautiful, full skirts (my clothing kryptonite). So many beautiful dresses. And then, to top it all off, these equally beautiful (and very well named!) ‘Belle’ sandals, which are perfect in their simplicity.

These are the standard, single strap shape which we’ve been seeing a lot of recently, but they finish the look off with a full heel and ankle strap, which makes them a little bit different. It’s the colour that really sets these apart for me, though: the palest of pinks, combined with just a touch of gold, and contrasting metallic/matte textures all make these extra special. These also come in a black and nude colourway, which is also nice, but which is possibly a little less versatile than this colour, which really will go with everything.

Speaking of versatile, here’s what I’d wear with these:

pale pink evening outfit

What to wear with Coast ‘Belle’ sandals:

I didn’t intentionally choose a Coast dress to go with the Coast shoes, but I guess it’s no surprise that the items work so well together, as they were presumably designed to do just that! I chose this particular dress because it was such a great colour match (And, OK, because it would totally make me feel like a ballerina for the day, and who wouldn’t love that?), but it was a tough choice, and you should probably expect to see quite a few other Coast dresses popping up here over the next few weeks: the current collection is a particularly good one, and is filled with the kind of clothes that make me wish one of my friends would get married – or find some other excuse to throw a big, fancy party -so I could have an excuse to wear some of them.

Anyone want to invite me to a wedding? Anyone at all?

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