Dita Von Teese in Christian Louboutin bow pumps

Dita Von Teese in red dress and red Christian Louboutin shoes

I know I feature Dita Von Teese fairly often here, but given that she’s one of my favourite stars, and always wears shoes by my favourite designer, I guess it’s to be expected!

As it happens, these shoes are one of my favourite styles, too: it’s not a great photo, but they look to me like the Christian Louboutin Bow Dorcet pumps, which were released a few years ago, and which instantly won my heart with their huge, sideways bow. In fact, I distinctly remember wanting to get divorced, just so Shoeperman and I could re-marry, and I could wear these in white. (Although, these days I’d actually pick the red version instead. Well, why not?)

I also love the fact that Dita doesn’t shy away the “matchy matchy” which is so scorned amongst many fashion-followers these days. On anyone else, the red dress, clutch, lips, nails and shoes would be too much, but as always, I think Dita pulls it off with her usual panache.

What do you think?

Red Bow Dorcet pumps by Christian Louboutin

Edit: I’m now thinking these may actually be the Very Noeud style rather than the Bow Dorcets : the bow is very similar on both!


  • Those shoes are lovely! She pulls it all off quite well actually.. I hate that bag though! Is she a 13 year old girl? No? Leave the novelty bags at home then please!

  • I have the Louboutin Very Noeud shoes (in black) which are very similar to these. I’ve just realized I am yet to save them in the shoe challenge so I better get on that soon!

    • Actually, now that you mention it, I think these may be the Very Noeud: I *think* that’s a slingback at the back of them, whereas the Bow Dorcet has a d’orsay cut…

  • The shoes are really amazing and as you said, normally wearing only red, – dress, belt, clutch and shoes -, would be strange, but it was great in this case!

  • I have these in blue but they are a tad too big so difficult to wear. The red is fab! Loving the Lulu Guinness lips bag too – have coveted one for a good few years but can’t justify the cost for the use it would get (shoes, however, can always be justified if you want them enough).

  • I like the shoes but maybe she should have changed her hair style? Makes her face look huge.. But then again, I’m not much of a fan of this glorified stripper..

  • The shoes are fantastic! I would totally wear them in my wedding. hehe
    I love all matchy matchy looks. I’m old fashioned when it comes to this. She always wear amazing outfits, she has great style.

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