Shoe Save # 44/75: Shoeperwoman by numbers

Bettie Page Rita dress

SHOES: New Look black peep toes
SAVED: Friday, September 2nd, 2011
SIDEKICKS: Bettie Page ‘Rita’ dress 

Bettie Page dress? Peep toe shoes? The colour GREEN? It’s Shoeperwoman by numbers, folks! If anyone ever wants to dress as me for Halloween (and I can’t for a second imagine why you would…) this would be the way to do it. It would also be a good excuse to buy a lot of shoes: just a thought…

This weekend I managed to save two more pairs of shoes (Don’t worry, one of the outfits doesn’t contain anything green at all: Shoeperwoman in “wearing other colours” shocker!): these are the first, and they’re just a plain old pair of black New Look peep toes, which are shamelessly “inspired” by Christian Louboutin’s “Greissimo” pumps, but obviously aren’t fooling anyone:

I bought these shoes at the same time as the tan slingbacks I saved last month, and I remember thinking it was super-extravagant to be buying two pairs of shoes at the same time, even although I still only spent about £40 in total (and have worn both pairs so often that the cost-per-wear must be tiny by now!). Oh, how the times have changed! And oh, how Shoeperman must wish we could go back to the days when I’d think twice before buying two pairs of shoes at once!

(To be fair, I’d still think twice before doing that: the Shoe Challenge has made sure of that!)

(Actually, a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a strange thing: the Shoe Challenge has really started to make me think twice – or even three or four times – before buying ANY shoes at all. And I know, I know – I DID just buy those ‘Pollys’ on eBay, but, in fairness, I’d been after those for a whole year, and other than that, there aren’t really too many pairs of shoes on my Wish List right now, and nothing that I couldn’t live without. It’s not that I haven’t seen anything I like – far from it – it’s just that doing the Shoe Challenge is making me think much harder about whether I really need them, where I’ll wear them, what I’ll wear them with, whether I already have another eleventy one pairs exactly like them: that kind of thing. And nine times out of ten, I decide that, no, I actually don’t need the shoes, so I put them back and walk away. Either I’m making progress, or there’s something wrong with me, I’m not sure which. I’m sure normal, shoe-buying service will resume soon.)

Collar detail on Bettie Page 'Rita' dressThis is one of my favourite dresses, but it was really hard to get the colour to photograph properly, because these shots were taken in the early evening, and the light had already started to fade. I would tell you how much this depresses me, but… you already know, right?

(It depresses me A LOT, for the record. But at least I have pretty shoes to make me feel a little better…)


    • I actually thought of you when I was wearing it – I remember you saying you were thinking of buying one! I do recommend it – it’s definitely one of my favourites, and the colour is much nicer in real life: every time I’ve tried to photograph this, it’s been dark!

      • Hhmmm yes, my pennies do need to be saved for this one, it is so pretty 🙂 I think I can imagine the shade of green it is in real life, and I just adore those buttons.

        Also: with you on the darkness. I thought we’d have a week’s grace in September but apparently the weather has decided that, as it’s September it must be ZOMGAUTUMN and is behaving accordingly.

        • I know, it’s so depressing! My favourite thing about summer – given that we don’t actually get much sun, I mean 😉 – is the long daylight hours, and I absolutely HATE it when the nights start to close in again: it makes me want to just hibernate until Spring!

  • Oh, I really love seeing your green dresses, they are so beautiful, you always look amazing!!! So, go on posting green here, why not?
    I am also very happy you managed to save one more pair of peep toes, because if it goes like this (the weather!), I’ll have to wear boots everyday down here… (pooouring rain today, in the morning – yesterday too!)
    And a big “wow” for resisting to buying shoes – I’m not so strong, but since the challenge (you are right!) I started thinking about it… (like, one more pair, that will end in a box to be shipped God knows when?) And now my wishlist has only 2 pairs of books for September…! 🙂

    • I know what you mean: I only have a few more open-toed pairs to go, but the weather’s turned chilly, so I suspect I’m for some cold toes!

      I was surprised about the shoe buying, too: the thought of having to “save” them in the challenge is definitely making me think twice about buying these days!

  • You look fantastic in this dress! I really like this kind of dresses and you wear them so well. Of course you have the perfect body type for those. And I’m not being kind, it’s true. Really like seeing you wearing them. 🙂

  • You are lovely in so many colours, but especially in green! And the accents in black here are perfect. My sister (also a redhead) gave up on green for a number of years because it was “so predictable”, but came back because it looks so great on us (well: you, her, and with variable predictability, me!)

    Happy Ginger Day (Sunday). Keep up the shoeperb work!

  • If I was going to dress up as Amber for Halloween I would be torn between putting on a green dress or some red wedges. Because we all know the two colours together equal Christmas tree, so that’s the wrong holiday!

    (Don’t worry, I have no intentions to dress up as you – although dressing up as an actual Shoeperhero could be fun! Now where did those red knee boots go?)

  • That dress is amazing! It looks great on you. Looking at your shoe shelves makes me feel like a little bit sick with envy, even though I can’t walk in heels. I would like the shelf and its contents just for decoration, if I’m honest 🙂

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