Shoe Save # 45/75: A New Obsession

Shoeperwoman outfit featuring blue trousers and silver shoesSHOES: Silver sandals (thrifted)
SAVED: Saturday, September 3rd, 2011
SIDEKICKS: Black shell top (Oasis); blue cropped trousers (Dorothy Perkins); handbag (Gucci, about ten years ago)

Folks, I’m obsessed with brightly coloured trousers. Especially cropped ones, which are the short girl’s best friend: they’re the only kind of trousers I don’t have to have altered!

I actually become obsessed with trousers at around about this time every year. In the Spring and Summer, I love the simplicity of being able to just throw on a dress and a pair of shoes and still look like I’ve made a bit of an effort, but once the colder weather sets in, it’s not quite so easy: you have to start adding things like tights (which I hate) and cardigans, and, if you’re me, sometimes even a long-sleeved top underneath it all, just to keep warm. I’m much too lazy for all of that, and I’ve never really been one for the “layered” look, so around about now I start to want to just throw on a pair of trousers and a top instead: still simple, but a little bit warmer than my usual dresses!

These particular trousers were an impulse buy in the Dorothy Perkins sale: I’m really loving all of the bright colours around at the moment (which make it even easier to make a really basic outfit look a little more interesting), and I couldn’t resist the colour of these.  I wore them with my silver sandals, which were about £2 in a thrift store years ago, and are still going strong!

These are one of my favourite pairs of shoes, so I’m glad to know that they’re safe! Just another few pairs of open-toed shoes to save, and I’m done with the summer shoes!

I don’t think I’m quite done with the trousers, though…


  • LOL! I totally understand the obsession. I have a pair of plum, a bright turquoise pair, and some black ones. All from Delias ( Last autumn I wore a boat load of colored tights: plum, navy, brown, black, and cream.

    • I would have a pair in every colour, if I could possibly afford to: I’m really liking the idea of wearing lots of bright colours this winter (although probably not all at the same time…)!

  • I’ve got a bit of an obsession with coloured trousers too. I have two pairs, both from DP. A lot of people I know don’t like DP but I think they’re great for things like this: quite smart, quite fashionable, quite affordable. I love your blue ones.

    • I go through phases with stores… I didn’t really like much of Dorothy Perkins summer collection, but I’ve seen so much I love this winter already that I can tell it’s going to be one of my go-to’s: and probably lethal to my bank balance!

  • I loved your jeans and the shoes together! The color of the jeans is really beautiful! About bright colors, I always wanted to wear a pair of red jeans (I wore green already), but somehow, I never saw one that I really liked… Always when I see your pictures with open toe-shoes now, I think “oof! Very nice she saved one more!” I hope you save all of them, I’m sure you will!!!!

  • I had red jeans back in the early 90s. Maybe it’s time to get another colour! Love those shoes, by the way, they look like they’d go with just about anything.

  • Coloured pants – yes yes yes!

    There are a few pairs I’ve been keeping an eye on at a local store, but need to make a decision if I want green or a bright blue like these… I think the scales just got tipped towards blue 🙂

    Hmmmm that black t shirt looks so lovely and simple I think I’m going to go on a basics buying trip this weekend, how is a simple black t shirt missing from my wardrobe?!?

    • It’s actually not a t-shirt, it’s a fine-knit which I’ve had for about ten years or something – it’s such a perfect shape that I still wear it on a regular basis (and it has miraculously never bobbled or started to show its age!), and will probably cry when I finally have to throw it out! I would love to find a simple black t-shirt too, though – most t-shirts I find seem to have a baggy cut, and I like things to look fitted. Topshop actually have a really nice black shell top at the moment that looks quite like this, but it sold out in my size before I could get to it: will continue the hunt, though!

      (I also had a dilemma about green trousers or blue trousers. So I kind of bought both. The green ones are jeans, though, and these are tailored pants, so, you know, totally different 😉 )

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