Shoe Save # 64/80: Blown Away

Kurt Geiger kiki

SHOES: Kurt Geiger ‘Kiki’ c/o (
SAVED: Thursday, December 8th, 2012
WITH: ASOS dress, H&M scarf

Just to prove that I DO actually step away from my shoe shelves occasionally (only very occasionally, mind you), here I am, wearing totally unsuitable shoes on the windiest day of the year! Yesterday was kind of crazy, weather-wise: power-lines were down, schools were closed, streets were flooded… the high winds kept most sensible souls indoors, but I had shoes to save, and by God, I did it! Well, I have to put those shoeperpowers to use somehow, don’t I?

Don’t worry, though, I didn’t stay outdoors for long in these – satin shoes and wet weather do not a good match make, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and there was no way I was going to let these shoes stay unsaved!

Now that I’ve had the chance to wear these for a while, I think they’re just a tiny bit bigger at the heel than I’d ideally like. It’s not enough to make them uncomfortable, or hard to walk in, but I’ll probably buy some insoles at some point, just to make them a little bit more snug. For now, though, I’m just glad to have another pair safe!


  • Okay, now I want to steal your hair and put it on my own head.

    On a shoe related note: I always feel like KG’s are a rather roomy fit, so I usually order half a size down, though that doesn’t really go well for boots. (I wear my KG’s in a 4, while I always order a 5 from New Look)

  • Is that a Dorothy Perkins ponte circular cut dress I see you wearing? Or do I just vist the DP site waay too often and started imagining their clothes on everyone? lol.

  • You said a “bit” windy? And schools were closed? That was extreme! But anyway, the pictures are really beautiful! Yes, wet weather and satin shoes are not a good match, but you did it well: these gorgeous shoes are now saved! I agree with you about the heels – I tried these ones on at John Lewis and I found them a bit big, needing insoles – but totally worth, cause these are very sweet! (I didn’t buy them, I took another pair at the time!)

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