Shoe Save # 65/80: The Classics

Red high heel shoes

SHOES: Office ‘After All’ platforms (c/o
SAVED: Sunday, December 11th, 2011
WITH: Stop Staring dress

I know you’ve seen more or less this exact outfit from me several times now (Hence the title of this post: I figured red shoes + polka dots = classic Shoeperwoman), but folks, I don’t mind admitting that I’m getting desperate here. I start to panic every time I think of all of the shoes that still need to be saved before the end of this challenge, and if blatantly repeating outfits helps me do it, then so be it!

These shoes are by Office, and have already become one of my go-to shoes…

As most of you know, I’m not lacking in red shoes, but I wanted a really simple, unembellished pair which would go with absolutely everything (or almost everything, anyway), and these are the ones I picked. I’m really glad I did, too: as well as being exactly the shade of red I was looking for (and actually a much nicer shade than they look on the Office website), they’re also pretty comfortable, so now I have my eye on the purple version, too. And, well, maybe some of the others…

retro polka dot dressred high heel shoesRed shoesPair number 65! If I can just get to 70 by the end of the month, I’ll feel a whole better!


  • Polka dots + red is just the best combination ever, I’ll never get tired of it! You look great, love the shoes (too bad my size is sold out on the website) and your hair looks awesome! Do you always look so glamorous at home? 🙂

  • Ah but a classic that I will never tire of. A timeless combo.
    As you know I completely failed at the Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge. However I DID donate 35 pairs of shoes (and yes it physically hurt) to Barnardos last week. I’m ashamed to say that more than one pair still had tags on….
    Have I learned my lesson tho? Probably not.

  • Wowsers – that may be one of the best dress/shoe combinations I’ve seen in a long while. The red is perfect, and the pencil polka dot dress – amazing!

  • Amazing outfit! You are so right, polka dot with red shoes look amazing! I should try it once – but I think my polka dot outfits are in some of my “famous boxes”! (They are arriving soon, yiipie!)
    You look fabulous, everything: the hair belongs to a Hollywood star, the whole outfit too! I loved the shoes!!!!
    You can make it, 15 more to go!

  • I really like the shoes! Their shape is fantastic! The combination of red and polka dots may be classic, but you look great in it. You have 15 more pairs to go! It’s not so hard. I’m sure you can do it!

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