Contrast patent stiletto lace-up shoe boots from New Look


The word “dapper” springs to mind when I look at these shoes/boots/whatevs. That and the words “black and white movie starring Katherine Hepburn”. For that reason alone, I kind of like them, even although they aren’t remotely my usual style. There’s just something very sharp about them, and they’d be great with wide-legged trousers for a bit of a retro look.

The only thing putting me off here is that they do look a bit, well, cheap, which I guess isn’t surprising considering they ARE, in fact cheap, at £25. And I have no issue with cheap shoes at all (Matalan post coming up to prove it) as long as they don’t look or feel cheap, but from the picture alone, I think these fail on the first point at least. Maybe one to check out in person if you like the look of them.

Black and white lace-up shoe boots, £25 at New Look.

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