Three pairs of polka dot peep toes from Truth or Dare

white peep toe polka dot high heel sandals


black polka dot high heel shoes

Truth or Dare, available at Debenhams

These are by Truth or Dare, which, I’m sure you’ll recall, is Madonna’s shoe line. When I first heard that Madonna was going to try her hand at designing shoes, I didn’t expect to like the results, but I’ve been consistently impressed by the collections I’ve seen, and although the price points are a little higher than we generally see from celebrity lines (These shoes are £100 each), I think the quality of the design justifies it. This is definitely my favourite of all of the celebrity-endorsed brands, and these two styles are the best yet: or, at least, I think so anyway – my love of polka dots in general may make me a little biased there.

If you thought the “black or white” dilemma was a tough one, though, how about this?

polka dot slingback shoes

These are also by Truth or Dare, but I found this slingback version at Zappos, while the first two styles are from Debenhams. I still don’t know which ones I’d go for (I think the slingbacks have the edge over the first two, but I couldn’t possibly choose between the coral and the white version), but I DO know I have four more pairs of shoes to add to my wish list.

Which do you like best?

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  • I do not like the middle pair – I’ve never been a fan of that style of shoe – but would have a hard time choosing between the others.

  • I love love love the black shoe. A long time ago in the dawning of my shoe addiction, I found a pair with the same shape, only in pale pink trimmed with black, but costing more than my rent. I guess I never got over it!

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