ASOS KESHA Two Tone Knee Boots

two tone 60s style boots

These are a step away from my usual style, and could run the risk of looking a little bit costumey if you weren’t careful, but I’m rather digging (for some reason I feel that’s the right word for these) the 60s vibe of these, with their two-tone uppers and block heels. And despite what I just said about looking too costumey, I’d be so tempted to wear these with an A-line mini skirt, pale lips and backcombed hair, wouldn’t you?

Of course, if you don’t want to look like a visitor from 1966, any kind of monochrome outfit will work well with these, and they’re the kind of footwear that will turn a simple look into a special one.

These are £60 and you can click here to buy them from ASOS.


  • Took me 2 minutes to realise (without reading the text) that those were two-toned boots. I though that parts of the photo were “faded” uhm I don’t know how to call it.. made partly transparent? Sounds stupid, but I was staring at this pic for minutes, trying to figure out WHY is it made half-transparent on the sides??))

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