Christian Louboutin New Very Prive Spikes Patent

Christian Louboutin New Very Prive Spikes Patent Christian Louboutin New Very Prive Spikes Patent

Christian Louboutin New Very Prive Spikes Patent, £675

Oh, come on: you didn’t think I’d finish this Christmas week without showing you a little something by Christian Louboutin, did you?

These are the New Very Prive, with a spiked heel and platform, and I think they’re out-of-this-world amazing. I’m slightly biased here, though: I’ve always had a spoft spot for the Very Prive peep toes, and I love the way Christian Louboutin incorporates spikes into his designs, giving the shoe an edgy, slightly dangerous feel. These are from the Spring/Summer collection, and seeing as I have the Christian Louboutin website open on my laotop, I may as well show you these shoes from that collection, too:

Christian Louboutin Last Empress

Christian Louboutin ‘Last Empress’, £695

These are called ‘Last Empress’ and that distinctive black and white upper is really something to behold, isn’t it? In addition to the colour contrast, these also use a mixture of patent leather and suede to create the upper, which is finished off with a little white ankle strap.

Christian Louboutin Dorissima

Christian Louboutin ‘Dorissima’ Clair de Lune, £895

There’s also three different styles of shoe, all using this stunning ‘Clair de Lune’ upper. My favourite is ‘Dorissima’, shown above, which has a very low vamp, a very high heel and a very curbed side – all the ingredients that go to make up some of my very favourite Christian Louboutin shoes.

Another favourite of mine is the ‘So Kate’ pump, which has been released in a few colourways for the spring/summer season. I love the tan leather version, which I can imagine wearing all summer long, but perhaps the most unusual is this ‘Blooming’ floral print, which has a cork upper:

Christian Louboutin So Kate

So Kate Cork ‘Blooming’, £445

I’m not sure how popular the cork will be, especially given the high price of these shoes, but I’ll never miss an opportunity to feature the So Kate’s – definitely one of my favorite shoes of recent years!

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