Camilla Skovgaard’s suede cut-out boots


Camilla Skovgaard’s distinctive ankle boots have been popping up everywhere recently, and they’re… well, they’re certainly different, aren’t they? In fact, they look a bit like little animals to me. No, I don’t know why.

These come in various different shapes and colours, but the one thing they all have in common is that distinctive thick, rubber sole, which gives them a bit of a “rugged” look (in so  far as a stiletto shoe can ever really be “rugged”), but won’t make them anywhere near as practical as the phrase “thick rubber sole” would suggest. Not that this is a bad, thing, of course: “practical” doesn’t tend to be high on my list of requirement for shoes, but then again neither does “reminds me a bit of a small animal”.

What do you think of these, readers? They retail for around £355, and you can buy them at Net-a-Porter, among other places.


  • Well, peep toe ankle boots are just not my thing, but I do find these interesting. I can’t say I like them, but I just can’t stop staring at them.

  • Oooh, I just got a pair of boots with cut-out toes and a slit that look a lot like the black boots in this post. They don’t have the ugly tread bottom though. (Also not that price tag. Can’t afford that.)

    I don’t know, I like cut-outs, but the trend is being taken too far. If there are one or two cut-outs and they are small, I like them, but just having big holes placed at random is not attractive.

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