Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin ‘Alti’ spiked pumps

christian louboutin alti spiked pumps

I’ve shown you Christian Loubotin’s ‘Alti’ pumps before, but I haven’t shown you the all black version, and that’s enough of an excuse for me!

I’ve loved all of the various incarnations of this shoe, but of all the colours its been available in, I think this is probably the most versatile: the fact that the studs are the same colour as the upper, and the upper is a classic black, means that while there’s a little less “wow” factor than you’d find with the gold-studded version, for instance, they’re also going to be easier to wear. In fact, at first glance, the impression is mostly of texture: It’s only when you take a closer look that you realise those are some pretty lethal looking spikes: a nice little “surprise”, and a great twist on the classic black pump.

These are from the Fall 2012 collection, and are $1,495 at Bergdorf Goodman:  click here to buy them.


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