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Hi Shoeperstars!

I’ve been super-busy this week trying to prepare my blogs for my holiday at the start of June, so I haven’t been quite as active in the community as I’d like to be. Luckily we still have plenty of other members taking up the slack: here’s what’s been happening this week!

Help Daisy find leopard print pumps!

Sometimes the simplest styles are the hardest to find: click here to read Daisy’s specifications for the perfect pump, and see if you can help here out!

What’s your favourite brand of stockings? 

Not being a stockings-wearer myself, I couldn’t actually answer this one, but if you’re a stockings fan, Eleanore would love to hear from you: click here to join in.

Who are your favourite bloggers?

In need of a bit of extra reading material? There are lots of great suggestions in this thread, and we’d love to hear some suggestions from you, too!

Save Your Closet!

Our brave closet warriors are still soldiering on, applying the “use it or lose it” principle of the Shoe Challenge to the rest of their wardrobes and “saving” their clothes by wearing them. Cheer them on, or join in yourself here.

Finally, speaking of the Shoe Challenge, remember you can join in at any time: you can click here to read more about it, and you’ll find our dedicated Shoe Challenge forum, featuring all of the recent saves from our members, here. We would love to have you join in and start saving your shoes!


[Image: Christian Louboutin Daffodile 160]


  • Hey If you never wear socks or stockings, how do you avoid hgetting blisters and all. Does Shoeperwoman have super feet ? Lucky you :-)))

    • Blisters come from ill-fitting shoes, not from bare feet – or at least, they do for me. I find that as long as the shoes fit properly and don’t rub anywhere, they don’t give me blisters. I can only speak for myself, though. (I also didn’t say I “never” wear them: I wear socks with boots and I’m forced to wear tights in the winter through necessity. I really dislike them though, so don’t have favourite brands.)

  • I need to quit lurker and join the forum. If I have enough people to talk with about shoes maybe I’ll stop falling off the wagon. Over at the Purse Forum we just enable each other LOL. Anyway these are the beauties I picked up this weekend.

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