ShoeperStar: Anna Kendrick in Christian Louboutin ‘Just Pick’

Anna Kendrick Christian Louboutin Just Pick

Perspex shoes don’t tend to be popular with Shoeperwoman readers, but Christian Louboutin’s ‘Just Pick’ pumps have been popular on the red carpet lately, and just to prove it, here’s Anna Kendrick wearing the shoes to the premiere of What to Expect When You’re Expecting earlier this week.

These shoes have a clear upper with a studded toe and metallic ankle strap, and are designed to create a “barely there” look, but for those studded toes. These are one of those deigns that require extra-special attention to your pedicure: not just because so much of the foot is on show in them, but because people won’t be able to stop staring at your feet when you wear them.


Christian Louboutin Just Pick

These are $1,495 at Barney’s: click here to buy them.


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