Givenchy pink lace peep toe shoe boots

Now, I know these are technically peep-toe boots, and I’ve always held firm on my dislike of peep-toe boots, but I actually think these are really pretty, and I don’t even care about the toe. Fickleness, thy name is Shoeperwoman.

I think the delicate look of these boots is what makes me able to overlook the peep toe – and the fact that they’re lace, which is another thing I’ve never been overly fond of. They have a very ethereal, barely-there look about them, and while I can imagine wearing them with an equally delicate dress, I can also imagine them with a pair of black skinny jeans, too.

Is this the start of a new love for peep toes on boots? I really hope not, but never say never…*

They’re £529 at Far Fetch.

*Unless you’re talking about Crocs, obviously. Then you should ALWAYS say “never”.


  • No….it can’t possibly be the start of a love for peep toe boots because they are definitely a crime. These are just a similar style to those really pretty Jimmy Choo ‘boots’ as in, so little of the foot actually covered up that they shouldn’t really be called boots. Though personally I’m still not really a fan of these ones.
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..Valentine’s Day =-.

  • Maybe they’re acceptable now we’re moving into ‘spring’…tbh, it’s never been the look of them that’s irked me, just the sheer impracticality (though if that’s the objection I’m sure there’s a separate rant to be had about the wisdom of wearing boots in S/S at all!)
    .-= Abi´s last blog ..Balenciaga’s amazing A/W 2010 shoes =-.

  • I looked at this very pretty pair of high closure sandals and thought, “No they can’t be, please tell me they’re not called peep-toe boots!”
    (I loathe peep-toe boots so much I feel like throwing them to the ground in shoe-shops if for one moment they fooled me into thinking they were “complete”.)

    So: lets say that if the footwear is clearly more sandal-like than shoe-like (i.e. you can see through a lot of it and would never consider wearing it on a rainy day or sandy/dusty area if it wasn’t peep-toe), then it doesn’t fit the definition of peep-toe boot.

  • They are very pretty but I still hate peep toed boots. I get so annoyed when I find a great pair of boots and discover they are peep toe! I live in Canada and it’s only warm enough for peep toes three or four months out of the year. Sometimes less than that.

    • As far as I’m concerned you don’t have to make excuses (like climate) for loathing peep-toe boots – I live in the UK (admittedly where it seems to rain every other day) but feel exactly the same way as you when in a shop. They should keep peep-toe boots in a separate section reserved for those with no taste…

  • i also hate peep toe boots…jerks trick me into thinking they are actual boots all the time and my opinion is if it is cold enough for a boot then why would you want the toes hanging out…all of that aside i actually like the shoes above!
    and not only do i usually hate peep toes, usually i hate pink!
    since this shoe has both elements AND i like it i am thinking the apocalypse is nigh lol
    side note…this may also be the only “Far Fetch” branded item i have seen that i like as well

  • Why peep toe boots?. T_T
    Now my mom she wants me with high heel sandals on summer and peep toe during the winter, I,ve been looking for my ordinary boots in my room and my mom told me no closed toe boots anymore, autumn peep toe shoes, winter peep toe boots and summer high heel sandals.
    I don’t know what my mom thinks, I been looking for my red shiny classic pumps and all my pumps open toe because she says that a healty foot is a exposed toe pump.
    I passed a bad experience with the peep toe boots with a bug into my foot.
    I hate them!.

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