Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin Angelique Chiffon & Leather peep toes

Christian Louboutin Angelique Chiffon & Leather peep toes

Pink leather bow on vamp of Christian Louboutin peep toe shoe

Christian Louboutin Angelique Chiffon & Leather peep toes, £622.99

It’s time for our Friday Louboutin Fix, and although I like (almost) all of the styles which feature in this column, these ones are a particular favourite of mine.

They’re the Christian Louboutin Angelique chiffon and leather bow peep toes, they come in nude and black and… well, just LOOK at them. I love chiffon on a shoe: it has a slightly naughty, lingerie-like feel to it, and shoes like these always look to me like they belong in some luxurious boudoir, surrounded by silks and satins and maybe some glasses of expensive champagne.

As decadently luxurious as these may be, however, they’re also fairly practical – in a “go-with-anything” sense, obviously. Not in a “wear them to go hiking in the mountains” sense. That would just be silly, and, of course, far be it for me to ever suggest you should wear impractical shoes. *Whistles innocently.*

Regardless of where you’re wearing these, though, or what you’re wearing them with, the pale pink/nude upper will work effortlessly: I hear a lot of criticism of “nude” shoes these days, but I honestly don’t know how I ever managed without a pair. I now have more pairs than are really necessary, but I’d still be more than happy to add ‘Angelique’ to my collection, as much for the curvy shape and chiffon/leather upper as for the colour. These seem to want to be dressed up, but I think their delicate look could contrast really nicely with some worn-in denim, if you want to wear them more casually.

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  • huh! What is this criticism of nude shoes that you hear? I also have no idea how I ever managed without them, and at this point own multiple pairs as well. Who could possibly hate on them?!

  • I think they are just beautiful. As for the people who criticise nude shoes; they are just silly. Pffft to them.

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