Nude patent trim strap shoes from Next

nude-bow-shoes-nextNext. I have to admit, it’s a store I rarely ever venture into, but more fool me, because I somehow managed to sign up for their Directory years ago, and every time a new edition drops through the door, I can be guaranteed to find at least one pair of shoes I wouldn’t cast into space.

This year I’ve been rather liking the look of these nude patent heels. Now, as anyone who knows me will tell you, nude shoes are my current obsession, and have been for… a while. As well as giving the illusion of longer lengths (assuming your skin is the same shade of “nude” as the shoe, obviously), they also go with absolutely every colour I can think of, meaning that one pair of nude shoes can provide the answer to a million different wardrobe dilemmas – assuming, of course, that you can find the right pair of nude shoes.

Are these the right ones? Well, they’re not perfect, but as I said, I wouldn’t kick them out of the shoe closet. The basic shape is that simple, works-with-everything court shoe, and the little button n’ bow combination on the toe helps dress them up. The patent uppers, meanwhile, make these fairly dressy, but they’re simple enough to be worn with jeans, too, if you want to. All of which makes them a pretty good deal for £28, I think.

BUY: Nude patent strap shoes, £28


  • Love them. I have a thing for nude shoes too, but I don’t own a pair yet. I haven’t managed to find the perfect pair that matches my skintone, and I won’t settle for something that is slightly off as I think it looks a bit strange if they’re the wrong colour nude. I bet the perfect pair will be like Louboutins or something that I can’t afford 🙁 That would be typical.

  • They’re okay, but I think you can do better. the rounded toe shoe is just a little “yesterday”. Still acceptable, but not impressive.

  • These are great! I found a great pair of nude Louboutins last week but the price sort of scared me off. They were peep toe too, so I know you’d love them.

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