Studded high heel gladiator sandals from River Island


It’s taken me a really long time to get into the gladiator trend, and by that I mean “I don’t actually own a single pair of shoes that could be even remotely described as ‘gladiatorial'”. And I don’t really know why this is, exactly, because, with the exception of the ones that go all the way up the leg , I love me some glads. Especially if, like these ones from River Island, they have gigantic heels on them. Yes.

These are new in at River Island today, and are £59.99. I can’t quite decide whether I like the black or the tan best, so if anyone’s offering, I’ll just take both, thanks.


  • I cannot STAND gladiator sandals. Or heels or almostboots. I just think they’re awful and they’re everywhere I go. I can’t count the times I’ve looked at a girl and though hey, nice outfit, shame about the gladiator shoes.

  • I like the look, but I do not like the feel. I’m a little bit of a free spirit, and I need to be able to slip my shoes on and off at will. So gladiators are not for me, but more power to those who like ’em.

  • hi i’ve recently just bought the exact same heels u’re looking for in size 3 black.
    pls let me know agn if u’re interested anot. thx:)

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