Dorothy Perkins 3-bar platform shoes


Oh, Dorothy Perkins, just STOP IT, would you? You know I love red shoes. And cream ones. You know I love buttons. You know I’m a sucker for that pointy-toed platform look – very Louboutin, by the way. And you know – or, OK, maybe you don’t know – that the last thing I need right now is another pair of shoes. Yet still you tempt me.

Yes, Dotty Ps have brought out this particular shoe in red, cream, black and navy. I actually really love the cream, although I know it wouldn’t be very practical, so I’m torn between it and the red, but actually, any one of these colours would seriously tempt me. They’re real “wear anywhere” shoes, and at just £38, they’re not overpriced either.

So, red or cream, red or cream? Red AND cream? And black? Oh, get thee behind me, Satan!

Dorothy Perkins 3-bar platform shoes, £38


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