Topshop’s ‘Precious’ high heel peep toes in teal and pink

topshop-precious-peep-toesYes, Topshop, I can totally see where you were coming from when you named these shoes ‘Precious’, and let me just say, I am WITH you there. Because aren’t they just precious? Or, to get all Lord of the Rings on you for a moment, “Myyyyy Preccccioussss“.

“Precious” comes in two different styles, both guaranteed to appeal to the Shoeperwomen among you. Personally, I like the teal version best, but then I would. In my defence, this bow is a little different from most others, and more stylised, so, you know, that makes it totally different from all of the other bow-front peep toes I have known and loved. Totally.

I also really like the bright pink version, though, which has a flower-like embellishment on the toe. Both are £80, and available from Topshop.

BUY: Topshop ‘Precious’ peep toes, £80


  • I have to say, the blue embellishment just looks like it has become partially detached. If the center of the blue bow/flower was attached to the shoe, it would be the same as the pink one…

    • Yes, you may be right, actually – hard to imagine them photographing a shoe that was faulty, though, and then using the image on their site? Still, you never know!

  • They’re very lovely, but I do indeed think that they’ve photographed a faulty shoe. The description for the teal shoe says that it has a ‘flower’ embellishment!

  • These ladies know what they’re talking about! Flowers are cute and these shoes are cute but surely someone should have checked if the shoe was broken.

  • I truly love the pink ones, but since I already own about three pairs of pink shoes, now I know I will have to resist. Thanks a lot for making it harder for me NOT to buy so much shoes. 🙂

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