Mango ‘Touch’ red suede bow pumps

Mango red suede bow pumps

I think I may have found the perfect red pumps: well, one pair of them, anyway. There are obviously lots of ways for a red pump to achieve perfection, but in the realm of pointed-toe-non-platforms, I reckon Mango’s ‘Touch‘ is leading the way.

These are £100, which is a little more than I’d normally expect to pay to the likes of Mango, but when I look at the shoes, I can see why they’re that bit more expensive. The shape, for instance, has the kind of curves I’m more used to seeing on designer footwear:

They’ve also been pretty generous with the bow on these (I wish they’d photographed them from above, so we could get a proper look at it!), and they look to me like the kind of shoes which would go into constant rotation, were they on my shelves.

I’m going to stalk them and hope they go on sale sometime: if you don’t want to risk it, however, you can click here to buy them. Oh, and they’re also available in black…


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