One shoe, 15 different colours

pink high heeled court shoes

Dune Aiyana pink suede court shoes 

Earlier this week, I wrote about my quest to own pointed court shoes in every colour imaginable* (although mostly shades of nude and black, it would seem), and today I bring you news of a brand that appears to have fully embraced that philosophy. The brand is Dune, and the shoe in question is their ”Aiyana” court shoe, which comes in no less than 15 different colours. Fifteen. Different. Colours. I mean, owning THAT little collection would basically mean you’d never have to buy another pair of shoes again in your life, wouldn’t it? (You would, though: because, if you’re anything like me, you know perfectly well that there will ALWAYS be another pair of amazing shoes out there, just waiting to be bought…)

Of those fifteen colours, my favourite is the baby pink version above (surprise, surprise!), but I also like the black, the gold glitter, the leopard print, the … wait: it would probably be quicker and easier for me to just list the colours I DON’T like, wouldn’t it? Well, out of all of them, I think the only one I can’t see myself wearing is the blue metallic colour: don’t get me wrong, it’s a great shade, it’s just not one that really works with the rest of my closet, and  I know from experience than when I buy bright blue shoes, they just end up gathering dust on the shelf, so that just leaves me with 14 new pairs of shoes to buy. OK, let’s call it 13 – I probably wouldn’t wear the brown suede, either. Whatever your colour, though, I’m pretty sure there’ll be one for: the only problem will be deciding which one it is…

*For anyone wondering, I still haven’t bought those shoes – or not at the time of writing, anyway. Again, this post is being written a few days before you’ll be reading it, and a lot can happen in a few days, my friends, can’t it?

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