Dolce & Gabanna ‘Keira’ rose satin sandals

Dolce & Gabanna 'Keira' rose satin sandals

Dolce & Gabanna ‘Keira’ rose satin sandals

Dolce & Gabanna are always a little bit of an enigma to me, given the way their style aesthetic seems to veer wildly from one extreme to the other. On the one hand, for instance, this season’s collection includes the beautiful and delicate ‘Keira’ sandals, above: and, OK, they’re maybe a little bit too much, depending on your taste, but they’re also one of those shoes that looks much better on the foot than they do in the product shot, so you may want to give them a chance before dismissing them altogether.

Whatever you think of ‘Keira’ however, you’d probably have to admit that they’re worlds away from these

Pineapple pumps by Dolce & Gabanna

… which are ALSO called ‘Keira’, and ALSO by Dolce & Gabanna, but which are… well, very different: let’s put it that way. I mean, I dunno: I guess pineapples are pretty trendy right now, but do you want to wear them on your feet? Really? I’m guessing quite a few of you probably answered ‘yes’ to that, or Dolce & Gabanna wouldn’t be making them, so I’ll shut up now, and simply acknowledge that everyone’s taste is different, and that’s a very good thing indeed, or the world would be a boring place indeed.

Speaking of pineapples (And why ARE they so popular, I wonder? I have no idea, and yet I have two of the things in my bedroom – er, they’re decorative, obviously, I’m not talking about REAL pineapples here – so I guess no one’s immune from the lure of the pineapple? Or something?), these shoes are just one of a few pineapple-themed pieces from the current Dolce & Gabanna collection, and if you like them, you’ll be pleased to know you can also buy a matching handbag:

pineapple handbag

So, I don’t love the shoes, but I DO quite like the handbag: this is the last time I write a blog post while drinking a glass of wine, I swear…

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