Celebrity Shoe Style: Jenny McCarthy in pink Christian Louboutin platform peep toes at the premiere of The Hangover


Jenny McCarthy may not have looked like she’d made much of an effort with the rest of our outfit for the premiere of The Hangover this week, but at least she did manage to dress up her feet, in a pair of Barbie-pink Christian Louboutin platform peep toes.

Up close, the colour of these is just a little too bright for my tastes, but what does everyone else think of Jenny’s look here? Appropriate for the red carpet, or just too “I couldn’t care less”?


  • I LOVE the top part of the outfit, the pants and shirt…for hanging out by the lake and skipping rocks or fishing or sitting on the front porch on a chilly morning sipping some steaming hot drink. And I mean, I REALLY love it…it’s perfect casual. For any red carpet event, it’s an insult to the clothes and to the event. they just don’t belong together. It looks like a bad date with someone completely incompatible. Wally Wallstreet on a date with an earth mother, hippie chick. Ridiculous. The shoes are just silly in the mix.

  • I love those shoes, but ripped denim is never appropriate for the red carpet. Expensive, designer, ripped-up-for-you-because-Heaven-forfend-you-break-it-in-yourself denim is never appropriate for anywhere.

  • Maybe she forgot to put on her nice dress? lol.
    I NEED those shoes! But I’d never be able to afford them. Why do Louboutins have to be so expensive?

  • I like the shoes on their own, but not with those ugly jeans. I think the outfit would have been okay if the jeans were more fitted and not ripped up.

    I’m embarrassed to say I think Jim Carrey looks really hot in that picture.

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