Rope front high heeled mules from River Island


Tap, tap: is this thing on?

Well, I think my internet connection is working again, but then, I thought that yesterday, too, only for it to drop out just as I was about to publish a post here. And then when I came back to that post today? The shoes I was going to show you were sold out. Gah. Blame Virgin Media, folks: I certainly am!

Anyway, rather than write lots and lots of words only to lose them again, I’m going to let you fill in the blanks yourself about these rope mules from River Island. You know the drill by now: “Blah, blah, nautical, blah blah, peep toe, blah blah, want them, etc.” All I’ll add to this is that although I know a lot of people find high heeled mules difficult to walk in, I personally really like them, and consider them to be a bit of a summer staple. If you do, too, these ones are £39.99 from River Island, and come in red and navy.


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